Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Assignment I'm Most Proud Of

Out of all my projects and pictures, this picture is probably what I am most proud of. This picture is from the Cumberland Fair trip. I thought it made a good picture with the white fence and the light. The shadows are interesting and I think the way I used the fence as a frame makes the focus more on the pig. I also love the colors of it's skin and the way it contrasts with the ground. Over all, I think this is my best work because of what I was thinking when I took picture and how I took it.

Most Memorable Experiences

My three most memorable experiences would probably have been the field trip to the Cumberland Fair, the spooky images, and the Who Am I video. At the Cumberland Fair it was fun to walk around the grounds in groups and taking pictures. There was so much to capture and so many different way to take pictures. It definitely helped me with working with compositional strategies when taking pictures. The Fair was one of my favorite part of this class. Another favorite would be the spooky images assignment. This was around Halloween and it was fun to go around and take scary pictures. I went to the cemetery and down in the basement and set up spooky scenes to take.  It was a fun way to practice taking pictures in a certain way. My third favorite would be my Who Am I video. I loved going through old pictures and videos from my past vacations with family. It was a good way to practice organization skills in iMovie and I loved the result. I had many fun experiences in this class but these are my favorite.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Who I am

I am interested in lots of different things. All my life I have been interested in art. When I was younger I would go to art camps during the summer or school year and make projects with my friends. As I get older, I take art classes and volunteer at the camps I used to go to. I play many sports, some on teams some for fun. I play tennis and volleyball in and out of school during the year. In the winter, my family and I go skiing. I have been skiing almost all my life, taking yearly trips to Colorado and Utah. I also love to travel, but haven’t had that many opportunities to go outside the country. Overall, I have many interests that make me who I am.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pollution in China

I thought the way the photographer captured the photos were most impressive. You can really get the tone and attitude of all the photos by just looking at them. He did a really good job of showing the kind of environment that China has right now. The photos themselves show sadness. The lighting, the reactions, the scene: they all make the pictures more upsetting. Over all, I think that the photographer did a good job of showing a side of China not everyone would expect.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Culture Clash

When making the culture clash collage, I found it difficult to have images that work with each other. They were all from different scenes so it was hard to make them go with each other. It also was hard and time consuming to erase little bits of pictures from different layers. One tool that seem to make some pictures look better was changing the opacity to a lower percent. In the end, I though the project went well and I feel that I know how to use photoshop better.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Spirit

This picture I took of ginger bread cookies we had. I made a close up of one cookie and then in perspective in the background there are more. I took a picture of the ginger bread men because I think they represent the holidays a lot since so many people make them during Christmas and they seem so traditional.